Every year, trucks in Europe make 250 million trips while
completely empty.

That’s one in every four trucks — a totally backwards state of affairs. How can there be so much waste? After all, there’s always cargo nearby, just waiting to be transported. So why can’t truckers easily find nearby cargo?

In the 21st century, that should be easy to do. With Palleter, it finally is. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, we find where cargo is headed, and which trucks have available space. Then, we match the two, effortlessly. We help empty trucks pick up cargo they would have never otherwise found, without having to search for it, or file paperwork.

So are you a carrier looking to make extra money (from trips your drivers are already taking)? Or are you a shipper tired of paying excessive fees and enduring excessive delays to transport your goods? Whoever you are, Palleter will save you time, money, and peace of mind.

The smartest minds in the trucking industry have already signed up to Palleter to increase sales, cut out costly middlemen, reduce delays — all without having to lift a finger. Companies with 1100+ trucks and €120+ million combined turnover have already registered.

First there was the horse cart. Then there was the truck. Today, there is Palleter. It’s the biggest revolution in logistics, ever.

Palleter is set to launch to the public in 2017. But you can be one of the very first to use our private, early-access app. It’s absolutely free to use, but only for a limited time.

Priit, Märt Tõnu
the founders of Palleter:

We fill up your empty trucks™