Palleter simplifies life for everyone in the trucking business.

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Manage customers and orders

All of your clients and their order history at your fingertips. You only need to enter information once, after that everything feels like magic.

Do all paperwork online

Forget phone calls and lengthy email exchanges, draft and sign all paperwork online. State of the art blockchain and smartphone based advanced electronic signature complies with the requirements set forth by the EU electronic signature regulation eIDAS

Put your fleet and orders on the map

All your trucks and cargo on one map. No hardware installation necessary. All you need in the truck is the driver with a smartphone.

Make life easy for drivers with a powerful app

Advanced algorithms and traffic aware maps find the most optimal trucks and routes for your loads.

Sign papers on smartphone — like DHL

After loads are delivered, Palleter automatically generates and sends invoices or talks to your bookkeeping software.

Sell spare cargo space

Get more business, we connect spare cargo space in your trucks to nearby freight.

Currently in beta